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Our expertise will help you to keep existing customers and increase your customer base.

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The Energy Brand Environment

Branding is a multi dimensional concept. For the best results, an array of factors should be weighed.

The Energy Brand

Some energy companies find it difficult to grow their business through branding. This can be traced to a challenging environment in the energy sector. We know the energy sector and we know branding. Our knowledge has helped our customers to use an effective branding strategy to increase ROI on their marketing budget and improving their bottom line.

Challenging Environment

To many consumers, electricity is not much more than several conveniently located wall sockets that turn on the light/heat/appliances when desired. Limited attention is paid to the product/service itself as long as it is delivered at the right price with a high level of consistency.  Following the liberalization, a switch from a distribution environment to a competitive one is apparent, as both private households and businesses are able to choose among the various companies supplying electricity, a fact that gives the consumer an added influence.
Following this trend, branding of electricity is increasingly important for energy retailers to ensure a competitive advantage in the competitive global economy. Having the right energy branding strategies, tools and methods is paramount to be successful in the market. Larsen Energy Branding is the only consultancy in Europe which is specialized in branding electricity to retail consumers and has both the practical experience and doctoral level research background.

How would you answer these questions for your energy company?

How is branding electricity (a commodity product) different from branding traditional consumer products?
Which brand elements do retail consumers of electricity find most important and should be emphasized to maximize branding efficiency? How do the elements differ between markets?
Is my company ready to start concentrating more on selling green solutions and how receptive are my customers to such messages?
How can we make sure that managers and employees within our company will understand, and be involved in, our branding endeavors so that our brand will be more successful in the marketplace?
What methods are the most successful energy companies using to attract new customers but retain our existing clientele at the same time?
How can we implement an efficient brand strategy for our energy brand and better communicate what we stand for?
  • <strong>Dr. Philip Kotler on Dr. Larsen's work</strong>

    “Fantastic research”

    Dr. Philip Kotler on Dr. Larsen's work
  • <strong>Dr. Philip Kotler on Dr. Larsen's work</strong>

    “Fantastic research”

    Dr. Philip Kotler on Dr. Larsen's work

How we can help

We provide you with the appropriate tools and methods for efficient branding – research, strategy formulation, communication, engagement and review. Those are paramount for success and need to be chosen specifically with the needs of an energy company in mind. We do not only provide consultancy for generation, TSO’s, DSO’s and retail of energy – we offer our services to any company that offers products related to energy and companies that want to increase the value of their brands by using energy as a brand ingredient.

LarsEn Model of Energy Branding

LarsEn is the world’s first brand consultancy focusing only on the energy market. We have the expertise to back it up and have conducted advanced branding research in the electricity space. Our expertise will help you to keep existing customers and increase your customer base.

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Our Products

Our Products

Products and services

LarsEn Energy branding offers a wide selection of services including brand building, brand implementation through marketing, short seminars, energy executive training, consultation and more.

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About us

Larsen Energy Branding was founded on our wish to use our expertise on the branding and marketing functions in the electricity industry to consult electricity retailers – you! We have worked with both private companies, national power companies and governments offering a variety of customized energy branding services. We can be commissioned to work directly with the board of directors, upper management, or with an independent branding institution or an ad agency responsible for the existing energy branding process.
We have worked with players in other industries giving us a relevant perspective on how the electricity markets are both similar and different to other markets and which tools work and do not work in the electricity market. Our team holds various references from energy branding and marketing and strategy projects and the adaptable composition of the team is highly flexible and can be molded to fit the specific issues that are relevant to your needs.


Executive team

Dr. Fridrik Larsen – CEO
Velina Apostolova – Marketing analytics manager
Birgir Danielsson, Creative Director
Ranno Pajuri, strategic associate
Gunnar Vidir Trastarson, Art Director
Johannes Larsen, Financial Director
Arni Jensen, Market Analyst Manager

    His hands-on expertise coupled with his academic background, makes him the ideal partner to work with


    His hands-on expertise coupled with his academic background, makes him the ideal partner to work with


Our Clients

Magnus Kristjansson

Vast knowledge of the energy market

Larsen Energy Branding came in with vast knowledge of the energy market and we could start working on the things that mattered right away. This proved to be very efficient and cost effective. Originally we intended to commission Energy Branding to do a fairly simple brand audit. However, due to the quality of the work we soon started to relay more on their services and we are now using their work to streamline our whole sales structure and marketing organization. We are constantly bombarded with offers from various consultant companies offering us services that we very rarely accept. In the case of Larsen Energy Branding, the scenario was quite different. I cannot be more pleased with our continued co-operation.

Magnus KristjanssonCEO of Orkusalan - electricity retailer
Dr. Hörður Arnarsson

The ideal partner to work with

One of the key obstacles for developing the energy market in regards to marketing and branding, is the conservative mindset of some key players and regulatory structure that governs the energy industry. Those things are rarely spoken out publicly, which is why I welcome Dr. Larsen’s research which addresses this issue with academic rigor. His hands-on expertise in the business coupled with his academic background, makes him the ideal partner to work with as many marketing consultants do not fully grasp what makes selling electricity different from traditional consumer products, nor do they realize the internal obstacles that must be factored in for efficient work for the energy companies.

Dr. Hörður ArnarssonCEO of Landsvirkjun, the National Power Company of Iceland
Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson

Leading branding expert

During my time as Global Brand Manager at Icelandair we contracted Dr. Larsen and Dr. Kevin L. Keller to assist us in developing a brand mantra for Icelandair. Dr. Keller’s input was obviously valuable as he is the world’s leading branding expert and Dr. Larsen’s contribution proved to be extremely helpful in focusing on local factors, as well as how our brand could be used to work with our own employees.

Guðmundur Arnar GuðmundssonHead of marketing at Nova telecom
Einar Bárðarsson

Dr. Larsen’s aid was instrumental

The task of the branding Reykjavik city was particularly challenging as it involved incorporating all the neighboring municipalities also to be branded under our capital city’s name. It therefore involved delicate politics, entailing the involvement of many stakeholders. Dr. Larsen’s advice was instrumental in that work. Moreover, the outcome of the extensive research that he orchestrated during the 18 months spanned by the project gave us exactly the information we needed to build our brand.

Einar BárðarssonDirector of Visit Reykjavik, Destination marketing and events for Reykjavik City
Nicholas O’Keeffe

Sound research methodology

Brand identity is the backbone of customers’ choice between energy offerings. Sound methodology for research, followed by an effective marketing strategy, is key to customer decisions. In my experience, knowledge in that area is exactly how Larsen Energy Branding adds value for their corporate clients.

Nicholas O’KeeffeBusiness Development Manager, National Power Company of Iceland
Steinthor Skulason

Valuable business relationship

Our company is one of the largest food manufacturers in Iceland. Fridrik started working for us on strategy related issues and now he has been leading the re-branding of individual product lines. I have no hesitation in saying that Fridrik and his team have done an outstanding job. Our management team along with our entire board of directors share that judgment.

Steinthor SkulasonCEO of Slaturfelag Sudurlands
Haraldur Flosi Tryggvasson

Skilled consultant

Orkuveita Reykjavikur (Reykjavik Energy) had been planning for years to separate its sales operation following the liberalization of the energy markets. Having followed Dr. Larsen´s work in the field for a considerable time, I decided to contact him for consultation on the best way to proceed. During our summits I was able to conceptualize much better what needed to be done and what strategy to follow. In my opinion, it is rare to work with such skilled consultants as Dr. Larsen, not to mention the added value of his services that may be related to the unique expertise gained in writing a PhD on strategy and marketing in the energy market.

Haraldur Flosi TryggvassonChairman of the Board of Reykjavik Energy
Magnus Palsson

Excellent connection to business executives

Our MBA program is an ambitious one. Dr. Larsen has been selected to teach on our program and I must say that we have been lucky to have him with us. His knowledge in the field of branding has been of enormous value for us. He has a gift to connect to our demanding students that are mostly business executives.

Magnus PalssonDirector of Institute of Business Research and MBA studies at the University of Iceland

Energy Branding Conference

We are hosting the CHARGE Energy Branding Conference

The conference is organized by LarsEn Energy Branding, a consultancy focusing primarily on guiding utilities becoming brands. The conference is international but situated between N-America and Europe, the two markets liberalization and deregulation has been implemented the most in the last 20 years. We are reaching out to create a dialogue between the utilities and the branding sector as well as showcasing the possibilities of energy as a valuable brand ingredient.


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