How is the data collected?

An introduction message and a link to an online questionnaire is distributed to a sample of our client’s customer base, either from the company’s general email address or from LarsEn Energy Branding, depending on the company’s preference. All gathered data is untraceable to individual customers.

Who stores the data?

During the data collection all data is stored on servers that are co-located in off-site data centers that undergo periodic SSAE 16 SOC audits and are constantly monitored for unauthorized access. When the data is analyzed it is encrypted and stored on secure local servers in Iceland.

Who sees the data?

LarsEn Energy Branding ensures the safety of your information. Only the average for all measured brands will be presented to others. By only presenting a calculated mean of all the measured brands, the identification of individual companies will become impossible.

How is the final score calculated?

Each factor has a different weight:

a. Image & perception x%
b. Differentiation x%
c. Segmentation x%
d. Sustainability x%



Under each factor are several questions that weigh differently as well. Detailed formulation is not disclosed.

What does my eBBI score actually mean?

The eBBI score gives you valuable information how customers perceive your brand. It indicates what is being done well and what needs to be fixed. It also provides a comparison for each question to the best energy brands, which offers deeper understanding of consumer perception of energy branding in general.

Does the eBBI score mean the same thing in all countries?

Each market sector is different, all areas include factors that need to be taken into account and every country has a different environment in which the company operates in. All of this matters when measuring brand perception. That is why eBBI takes into account independent analysis of market environment when calculating the eBBI score.

Should I bother my customers with a survey?

This is a valid question but answers may vary for individual companies. In general, it is certain that the information obtained from the eBBI offers instrumental insights into your brand and how it measures up to other brands within the energy space, which gives you a foundation to build your brand work on.  A judgment on this level is unobtainable by any other means.