”Branding is an integral part in building customer loyalty. The eBBI tool helps companies to measure their brand, how they compare to other companies and where they can improve.”

Anthony Ainsworth
CEO at E.ON Business Solutions

“innogy was a part of the beta phase for the eBBI. I have witnessed the ambition and professionalism in developing the tool and I’m confident of its usefulness for energy companies.”

Sabine Schmittwilken
Head of Global Brand Management at innogy

“The eBBI is based on Dr. Larsen’s industry insight and on a solid academic foundation. We at LinkEnergy have really benefited from using it.”

Wayne Burke
President at Linkenergy

“eBBI is the essential tool you need in your toolbox to maximize the ROI of your branding efforts in the energy sector.”

Magnus Bach
Head of Global Marketing at Vestas

“eBBI is the only bespoke global benchmarking tool available to brands in the energy space.”

João Duarte
Deputy Director, Enel Foundation

“My first question after the eBBI report was presented for our company was: When can we do this again – great product.”

Magnús Kristjánsson
CEO at Orkusalan

“eBBI was essential in pinpointing gaps in our customer service towards our younger demographics. This report helped us reassess how we were marketing our programs and services, making our customer interactions more effective and our brand stronger.”

Destenie Vital
Director of Marketing at Burlington Electric