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Brand Aid

Review and refresh the brand elements to recharge the brand

 You had your brand audit done and you are up to date on the concept of energy branding. You might even have a great Energy brand. But you are not sure if your Energy brand is delivering. While a brand audit is done within a certain time frame, branding is a lifelong task – it takes forever. That is where the Brand Aid comes in handy. Shifts in consumer behavior, strategies of your competitors, government regulation or other aspects of the marketing spectrum can have a profound effect on the relevance of your Energy brand.

You might not notice it but there might be some areas of your brand image and message that are slightly off. That is where we come in with a fresh set of eyes and ears. Brand Aid takes a quick look at existing data, no primary research is conducted. This reinforcement bundle ensures that your Energy brand is up to date in innovation, design and operations to be considered relevant in the eyes of the consumer. We make sure that sources of brand equity are recharged and together we can identify new sources of brand equity and connect it to your energy brand image.


Executive Strategic Energy Branding Seminar

The executive energy branding seminar is aimed at individuals or a small group of top-level executives. The aim is to realize where the company is now in respect to energy branding and the integral role of organizational support. The session reviews short-term milestones for reaching a higher level and long-term goals for climbing to the top. We provide leaders with the objective feedback needed to fuel their company’s growth. By helping managers to analyze the situation and helping them to realize the company’s potential and ambition, this session assists executives in creating and implementing a strategy that will help the company flourish. The itinerary includes four topics, Brand strategy, Wide Goals, Energy Branding Goals and how to raise and maintain awareness of the brand. The Energy Executive seminars can be tailored for your level of knowledge and needs and can be as informal or structured as you desire.

Energy Branding Tête-à-Tête

Let’s chat

We can provide you with a selection of energy branding seminars for smaller or larger groups. Our experts can give talks on various subjects both broad and narrow where audience engagement is encouraged for maximum effects of Energy Branding. We have a selection of topics available and can customize seminars on topics of your choosing. Perspiration is needed in branding. Why? Because branding is hard work. For that hard work to pay of, learning what matters the most is important.

  • The ABC’s of Branding

    The Basics of Branding covered.

  • The A-Z of Energy Branding

    The Details of Energy Branding explained.

  • Preparing Energy companies for the future

    How Energy Companies can prepare for the future and withstand shifts in consumer preferences and technology.

  • Communicating with stakeholders

    Energy Brands have to communicate to other and different stakeholders than just the consumer, employees and investors. This seminar will cover how to communicate with various stakeholders.

  • Energy Branding Media Communications

    How Energy Brands can and should communicate their message in the media.

  • The Do’s and don’t’s of social media.

    You don’t have to be hip but you can’t be square. The lecture covers what you can do in social media and where to do it. Also how to create an authentic voice to interact with the consumer and why you should bother.

Media Reinforcement

Does your brand stand out from the crowd?

With our strategic media consultation service, we take a look at what is driving your brand today and advice on what should drive your brand tomorrow. The media landscape has been shifting from linear broadcasting and physical mediums to interactivity and targeted advertising. We will help you economically balance between old media and new, identifying the most effective ways of portraying your brand across the media spectrum. We will figure out for you how to broadcast your message, which elements should be focused on, where and to whom.

Our services include:

  • A complete Media review
  • A complete Social Media overview
  • Where and how your brand should act
  • The focus of your storytelling
  • Alignment of strategy and message
  • Visibility on search engines