The only global benchmarking tool available to energy brands.

''Branding is an integral part in building customer loyalty. The eBBI tool helps companies to measure their brand, how they compare to other companies and where they can improve.''

Academically researched and verified brand survey questions will be directed to your customers to give you the critical insights you need to understand your brand health and marketing strategy.

With the critical insights gained from the survey, now is the time to understand where your marketing is working and where it isnt. This will help to inform you on future strategy and spend, making sure you use your budget wisely to engage customers on what matters.

When you understand your customer, and they understand your messaging, the sky is the limit. Ensure your brand health is fully charged – grow into new areas and dominate your market. 


Companies we have worked with

Founded upon years of academic research, eBBI is the definitive guide to your brand health. The following four metrics have been identified which are the best indicators of your market positioning and future success:


Measures how well the brand differentiates itself from its competitors. Questions relating to uniqueness, brand promise, product offer and the brand’s name and logo.


Measures how well the brand divides its customers into segments and how well it appeals to each segment. Questions that identify segmenting trends such as age and price sensitivity.


Measures customer experience. Questions related to elements such as trust towards the brand, perceived experience and reliability, and the level of brand responsibility perceived by customers.


Measures how the brand is considered to impact the environment and society. Strength of brand associations that relate to sustainability, the environment and corporate social responsibility.


The averages of individual questions are entered into a scale that gives the total result on a scale of 0-100. The results of the study can then be compared with the brandr index.

Under 40

Failed. The brand does not connect with consumers in a meaningful way. It’s time to re-evaluate the policy. It may be strong in some areas, but it’s time for improvement in most areas.


Acceptable. On average, the brand is acceptable and it can be excellent in some areas but significantly behind others. The brand has strong qualities but needs to do better to increase customer loyalty.

Over 70

Great. The brand excels in many areas and has formed a unique and positive relationship with customers. The brand is in an ideal position to connect with customers in a meaningful way and make a difference.


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Andrew York
Commercial Director

EBBI (Larsen Energy)