Energy Branding Benchmarking Index
The only global benchmarking tool available to energy brands

Why measure your
energy brand?

Branding is a compass for employees and management that enhances focus and strategic vision to make you stand out from the competition and increase the ROI of marketing expenditure. A strong brand helps consumers make sense of a complex world by forming relationships with loyal customers, who become less price sensitive and less likely to switch.

The EBBI score
Energy Branding
Benchmarking Index

The EBBI was developed by benchmarking multiple methods that have been used to determine brand value and brand equity. It has foundations in both academic branding theory and from practice.

The index indicates how your consumers perceive your brand and it is the only available tool to see how your energy brand measures up to others around the world. The EBBI discovers problem areas and highlights strong points. The index measures your marketing activities and how they are getting through.

The index is made specifically for energy brands to measure consumer perception. Several common constructs have been identified and integrated into the EBBI. The constructs used take into account factors that are relevant in guiding consumer purchase decisions in the energy sectors.

Key factors

The EBBI formula

The EBBI score is calculated by using a weighted mean formula and adding a secret ingredient. It incorporates all the elements that the EBBI measures and weighs in all the values that have been assigned to its factors. The image to the left represents the technical formula used to calculate the EBBI score.

In simple terms the formula could be written as:

ωi is the weight of attribute i in the formula
xi is the averege score of attribute i
p1 is the weight of attribute scores for the EBBI index
β is the average score from panel of experts
p2 is the weight of panel data for the  index (1-p1)


Scale range

The EBBI Scale ranges from 0 to 100. This example shows a scenario where a hypothetical Perfect EBBI score is benchmarked against various factors.

  • Perfect EBBI
  • Continent
  • Country
  • County
  • Company

Example of Scores

To comprehend what the score may mean, the EBBI score is broken down into confidence levels.


Scores under 40

Running dry. The brand fails to connect with its customers – it’s time to recharge. Some areas might be but most areas have room for significant improvements.


Scores 40 to 69

Neutral. An excellent rating for some key elements but is found lacking in others.. The brand has great potential but has to do better in order to expand its customer base and increase customer


Scores 70 and over

Fully charged. A brand that has a distinguished, unique and positive relationship with its customers. The brand is in an optimal position to connect with its customers in a meaningful way.

Example of Constructs Used to build the EBBI





Old Fashioned


Reflects Quality


Social Responsibility


Green Brand




Kind to Nature




Brand Promise




Understands all Ages


Local Products


Tailored Services


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