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World’s best energy brands

LarsEn Energy Branding,  in cooperation with CHARGE – Energy Branding Conference, is publishing a report on the World’s best energy brands. The report includes case studies from 20 energy brands from around the world. The featured brands were all nominated for the 2018 CHARGE – Energy Branding Awards.

The report gives you an extensive overview of energy branding at its best around the world. It features both retail brands competing for market share as well as distribution and transmission system operators that put the customer at the centre.

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Inside the report

You will find case studies on energy brands from around the world. These energy brands have it in common to view branding as a key part of their strategy, branding is part of their DNA. Just as marketing is about more than advertising, branding is more than designing a nice logo to put on the letterhead of the bill.

The brands present their cases in terms of customer centricity, uniqueness, segmentation and other criteria that are proven to be critical parts of a successful organization. Great branding is about understanding the customer and communicating complicated matters in a simple manner.

The methodology of finding the best energy brands is unique to the energy space. The best energy brands were chosen by combining professional insights with proven academic research.

The report features five categories of energy brands:

  • Established Brands
  • Challenger Brands
  • Green Energy Brands
  • Transmission Brands
  • Product Brands

Featured brands

The featured brands represent the best of branding of energy utilities from around the world.
They were nominated by
a panel of global energy and marketing experts.


Finalists this year included energy brands from Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, The United Kingdom and The United States.

Best Brand practices workshop

Included in the Premium Package is an exclusive two-hour workshop. The interactive workshop will be conducted online and will include a seminar on Best Brand practices and how they apply to different parts of the energy space. Your organisation will gain access to Energy Branding specialists who have a deep knowledge of the global energy space and how branding is applied with great success around the world of energy.

The two-hour Workshop includes:

  • A brief seminar on branding and how it applies to energy utilities
  • Energy brand best cases
  • Updates on the latest trends in energy branding and customer engagement
  • Profiling of selected energy brands:
  • What are they doing well?
  • What can they improve?
  • How are they connecting with their customers?
  • Tips, tricks and advice about branding
  • Q&A with an Energy Branding expert


Single Category
Pick a category

  • To learn more about energy branding and how to approach customer centricity in the energy space.
  • One digital copy from a category of your choosing
  • Get an overview of branding in a specific sector.
  • Pick the category of your interest.

The full report
All Categories

  • Get an extensive overview of how the best in the world approach branding
  • • A Digital Copy of the report including 5 print licences
  • Discover what works across sectors in the energy space

Full report & workshop

  • Great value for companies with great ambitions. the executive package gives energy companies the opportunity to help as many people understand energy branding as needed. Included is the full report as well as unlimited license to distribute electronic copies of the report internally.
  • • Digital copy of the full report
  • • Unlimited Print Licenses
  • • A two-hour interactive online workshop including a presentation and a Q&A on Best Brand Practices and how they apply to the energy space.
  • Get the full report and an expert workshop on what is needed to build a strong consumer-centric energy brand.

Publised by LarsEn Energy Branding