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World’s best energy brands

CHARGE – Energy Branding Conference, in cooperation with LarsEn Energy Branding, is publishing a report on the world’s best energy brands. The report includes case studies from 14 energy brands from around the world. The featured brands were all nominated for the 2016 CHARGE – Energy Branding Awards.

The report gives you an extensive overview of energy branding at its best around the world. It features both retail brands competing for market share as well as distribution and transmission system operators that put the customer at the center.

Published in limited number

The report is published in a limited number, so make sure to receive your copy. Stay on top of development in the energy business. The report is available to order as a hard cover book as well as a digital download. You also have the option of joining the Best Brands community, an exclusive community of energy branding experts from all around the world.

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Inside the report

In 109 pages you can read all about case studies from 14 energy brands from around the world. These energy brands have it in common to view branding as a key part of their strategy, branding is part of their DNA. Just as marketing is about more than advertising, branding is more than designing a nice logo to put on the letterhead of the bill.

The brands present their cases in terms of customer centricity, uniqueness, segmentation and other criteria that are proven to be critical parts of a successful organization. Great branding is about understanding the customer and communicating complicated matters in a simple manner.

The methodology of finding the best energy brands is unique to the energy space. The best energy brands were chosen by combining professional insights with proven academic research.

The report features three categories of energy brands:

• Best Energy Brands
• Best Green Energy Brands
• Best Transmission and Distribution Brands

Featured brands

The featured brands represent the best of branding of energy utilities from around the world.
They were nominated by
a panel of global energy and marketing experts.


The brands come from Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, The Netherlands, New Zealand and The United Kingdom.

Best brands community

When you purchase the report you get access to the exclusive Best Brands Community where you can join thought leaders and professionals in both energy and marketing. The Best Brands Community is a platform for sharing knowledge and learning from branding-oriented individuals and companies from all over the world.

The Best Brands Community includes:

  • Updates on the latest trends in energy branding and customer engagement
  • Profiling of selected energy brands:
  • What are they doing well?
  • What can they improve?
  • How are they connecting with their customers?
  • Stories and cases from industry professionals
  • Tips, tricks and advice about branding
  • Interviews with key players in the energy space
  • Q&A with the brands nominated for the CHARGE – Energy Branding Awards

As a member of the Best Brands Community you get your own personal username and password to use when logging in to the community website. You get monthly emails about updates in the community so you never miss out on the latest information on energy branding.




  • To learn more about energy branding and how to approach customer centricity in the energy space.
  • • One Hard Copy of the Report


  • With an extra copy in hand and three electric copies, the professional package is great for market-minded teams at any organisation dealing with energy. Not only does the package give a great overview of how the top energy brands in the world view branding as an important strategic tool, but it gives access to the exclusive Best Brands Community. The Community is a great way to connect with other professionals and access content otherwise unavailable.
  • • Two Hard Copies of the Report
  • • Three Print Licenses
  • • Access to the Best Brands Community
  • Be able to spread inspiration around your organisation or to give out extra copies to friends and family members. Join a community of energy professionals from around the world, share knowledge and gain understanding of common strategic challenges facing brand builders in energy.


  • Great value for great companies, the executive package gives larger energy companies the opportunity to help as many people understand energy branding as needed. Included are five physical copies of the report as well as unlimited license to distribute electronic copies of the report internally.
  • • Five Hard Copies of the Report
  • • Unlimited Print Licenses
  • • Access to the Best Brands Community
  • For the busy executive who wants to build a strong energy brand, starting from the inside of the organisation. Extra copies to make a mandatory read among staff as well as few extra accounts for the best brands community. The best value for the reader of executive summaries and the people who write them.

The book is publised by LarsEn Energy Branding