Best Energy Brands Workshop

Covering the basics of branding and providing a global perspective on the energy space, the workshop provides you with the tools needed to take the lead in the retail energy market. The winners in the new energy paradigm will be the best brands that know how to connect to the hearts and minds of the consumers. The workshop will cover best practices from energy brands from around the world that have successfully affected their bottom line and customer growth by focusing on brand building and putting the customer first.

In charge of the workshop is Dr. Fridrik Larsen, the first person in the world to present a Ph.D. dissertation on branding in the energy space. He is the CEO of LarsEn Energy Branding and chairman of CHARGE Energy Branding – the only conference in the world on Branding for the Energy Sector.

He is a sought-out speaker on the topic at conferences and has consulted some of the biggest brands in the world. His work on identifying key success factors for good branding in energy is used to determine the World’s Best Energy Brands at CHARGE Energy Branding and has been used by both local and global brands with operations around the world.

The desired outcome for participants:

  • Build a stronger retail energy brand
  • A trusting relationship with your customers
  • Gain a global perspective
  • Start a strong brand culture inside your organization
  • Create a clear value proposition for both internal and external stakeholders.


  • A primer on Branding
  • Tomorrow starts today – why energy needs to get serious about branding
  • Branding internally
  • ROI of strong branding
  • Positioning and differentiating the Energy Brand
  • Know your customer better – how energy differs from other products
  • Measuring and benchmarking energy brands
  • Lessons from the best energy brands in the world